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Engineering & special requests

Every projects needs a differnet kind of apporach on equipment. Thanks to our R&D department were create new techniques or we alternate exciting ones to put in to your special project. We look at every project as a new challenge.

When you think your foundation question can not be filled it, please call us an d challenge us to solve it for you.

Another of our specialisms is excecuting work in spaces were the dimensions are limited. Please contact us for questions about this kind of work.

Latest news

06 mrt 2019
The Green Village - Delft
02 mei 2018
12 sep 2017
Reward of 'Zilveren heiblok' to A. Verstraeten
04 aug 2016
Fundex in the picture - in Grond Weg Waterbouw
25 mei 2016
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